Friday, 18 September 2015

Representation Analysis

Image one: Doug Bihlmairer

My representation: I said that this man wouldn't have a professional job judging by the way he dressed. I also described him as the type of person that isn't stressed over things by looking at his relaxed facial expression. Other things I noted down were: scruffy, cheap clothes, smoker, and poor income.

Actual background: Doug Bihlmairer is a man that works for Ralph Lauren. He has a well paid job and his scruffy look is actually a fashion choice, and are not cheap at all.

Image two: Ralph Lauren

My representation: When I saw this photo I automatically thought this man was posh, well-groomed, and very wealthy. This was based on his clothing and the place he was in. I also said that he has a good reputation, and was never the sort to be a trouble maker. This was also based on his clothes. Other notes I had made were: upper class, and sophisticated. This was taken from the horses in the background as they are often associated with upper class people.

Actual background: Ralph Lauren is a well known fashion designer. He loves the British style and bases he designs on this. He is very successful and is portrayed as smart and powerful.

Image three: Lynn Yeagar

My representation: I said this woman was comfortable with her own style and doesn't try to fit in, as both her clothes and make up are unique. I also stated that she was into old fashioned clothing as this is what her clothing in the photo is suggesting. And I also noted that she was wealthy. I thought this because of her large fur coat.

Actual Background: Lynn Yeagar works for vogue. She is known to have a quirky and unusual style. If you look closer, her jewelry is also a give away to her wealth.

Image four: Ted Bundy 

My representation: From this image I thought this man was smart and upper-class, based on the way he was groomed and dressed. I also noted that he had an important and serious job, maybe something along the lines of a Lawyer. I assumed this because of his serious facial expression and that he looks like he is arguing something.

Actual background: Ted Bundy is a serial killer, kidnapper, rapist and necrophile. He managed to escape from prison twice before finally being sentenced to death by the electric chair.

Image five: King Edward VIII

My representation: From this photo I made the assumption that this man could have been some sort of Professor because of the many books in the background and the suit he is wearing. I also thought he was smart looking but likes to look different as well as the white suit and orange checked tie combination is unusual.

Actual background: Edward was King of the United Kingdom, and Emperor of India, from 20 January 1936 until his abdication on 11 December the same year when he abdicated.

Image six: River Phoenix

My Representation: I thought that by the way he dressed he probably wouldn't have a professional job as his fashion sense would not appeal to the employers. I also noted that he looked middle-class and was the sort of person to not care about others' opinions. This was also taken from his fashion style.

Actual Background: River Phoenix was an American actor and musician that died of an overdose at the age of just 23. He was in films such as 'Stand By Me' and 'My Own Private Idaho'.

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