Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Representation of Disablity

This YouTube clip represents a stereotypical representation of how other people treat those with disabilities.

Camera shots, angles, movement and composition
  • A hand held camera is used so that the scenes have a more realistic effect on the viewers. It can also be used to express Nick's anger at the way others are acting with him as this way the screen is not still and is moving with his aggressive actions.
  • In the first shot we also see close up shots of both Nick and his peer. This is so we can see more clearly how his peer is uncomfortable with looking at his face and is also done to highlight Nick's disability.
  • We next see him walking through a crowd in which we see frequent shots of strangers in the crowd looking over at him. This emphasises the stereotypical first impression that people have when seeing a disabled people as they are different. 
  • Most of the shots shown of Nick are eye level, which could be to show his equality with everyone else even though some people may look down on him.
  • A shallow focus is used in the opening scene to introduce and exit it. The focus is on a bared fence with barbed wire. This could be to represent the way that Nick is feeling; that he is trapped because of his disability.
  • Shot-reverse-shot is used when Nick is talking to his old mate. This could be used to show how his mate acts towards him whilst having a conversation. In the clip we can clearly see that he is uncomfortable as he tries to avoid eye contact.
  • Fast-paced editing is used when Nick is talking to his peer in the builders yard. This is done possibly to show the unease of the peer about Nick's facial disfigurement and wanting the speed the conversation up to an end. 
  • Cross-cutting is shown between Nick leaving the building ground and going to help the woman with her bags. This is done to show the continuous bad luck that Nick is having through the course of a day in a short amount of time. This relates to disability as is shows that people are treating him differently with his disability.
  • Non-diegetic sound is heard when Nick is walking through the crowd of people as there is drumming music playing over the scene. This music is aggressive and loud to match Nick's anger. This relates to disability as it shows that he is feeling sorry for himself.
  • Diegetic sound is used when we see Nick and his old friend talking and we hear voices of workers in the background. 
  • A sound bridge is used to go from one scene to another. In this clip it used between Nick storming away from the woman after she screamed and him walking through the crowd of people.
  • In the sergeant's office there is no sound other than Nick and the sergeant talking. This highlights the importance of the conversation as Nick is releasing how he feels since his disability.
Mise en Scene
  • When Nick is talking to the sergeant, we only see his face in the shade of the blinds. This is showing the darkness that disabled people can have because they are angry at their complexion and how others treat them. This also fits in with one of Paul Hunt's 10 stereotypes - sinister or evil - that the media use to portray disabled people.
  • It is clear that most, if not all, of the people that speak in the clip are working class including Nick. We can make this judgement based on the clothing that they are wearing, which are very casual and slightly scruffy clothing. They could have done this because disabled people are often stereotyped with the working or lower class.
  • The working class scenario is reinforced when we see the woman getting her grocery bags out of the taxi. She gets out in front of a row of council houses which her children then enter, and both her boys have the very common 'council house' haircut, showing their poor financial status.
  • In the scene with Nick and the sergeant there is a shot that shows an army painting directly above Nick, which could possibly signify that his injury happened by being in the army.
  • The make up seen to form Nick's facial disfigurement has been done very realistically to get an accurate as possible resemblance to how people in his situation would be treated like in real life.

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