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British Film Industry

Who did what in the British Film Industry?

  • BBFC - An independent non-governmental body which classifies and sensors film, video as well as computer and console-based games released in the UK.
  • BFI - The official UK agency for international cultural relations. Its Film Department promotes new British Films (features and short), internationally principally through festivals and showcases.
  • UK Film Council - Promotes understanding and appreciation of Britain's rich film and television heritage and culture.
  • British Academy - aims to support, develop and promote the art forms of moving image.
  • British Council - Government backed lead agency for film in the UK ensuring that the economic, cultural and educational aspects of film are effectively represented at home and abroad.
Can you find films made by these production companies?
Who dominates the UK film industry?

Film 4: 
  • The most recognisable films made by this production company are 127 hours and the recent film 12 Years a Slave and both of The Inbetweeners Movies. 
  • Other films that will perhaps be known by the majority of the population include:Seven Psychopaths, Shaun of the Dead and Ex Machina.

Momentum Pictures:
  • The Woman in Black, Sinister, Safe Haven and The KIng's speech are all popular films produced by Momentum Pictures, as well as Chalet Girl and Dear John.
Working Title:
  • Very well known films that are made by Working Title include: Bridget Jones Diary series, Theory of Everything and Hot Fuzz.
  • Other films made by this production company are We Are Your Friends, Les Miserables and Paul.

  • Austin Powers, Beauty and the Beast and Chicken Run are all popular films produced by Pathe.
  • Suffragette and Trance are also well known films produced by this company.

BBC Film Network:
  • The Last Man on Earth and The World Turns are both films made by the BBC Film Network.

What makes a film British?

British films can claim 25% tax relief from the government. So, the first 25% of any profit you make cannot be taxed. 
To qualify as 'British', a film needs to score 18/35 of the BFI 'Britishness' criteria.
The old rules for being British required a film to meet three of the following six criteria:
  • A British director
  • British Producer
  • Predominantly British experience
  • A subject matter that informs on the British experience
  • British identity defined by the BFI in 'Sight and Sound'
  • Co-production with British input
Ex machina - 32
Avengers - 22
Star Wars: The Force Awakens - 23

British films attract audiences through their different and abstract ideas due to their lower budget.
  • Ex Machina, for example, used unusual marketing techniques. It's use of making a Tinder account of a main character had never been done before. This account then directed them to the Instagram page that advertised the film. This film would have attracted a high amount of British audiences as well as an American audience due to the high amount of sci-fi fans that cause sci-fi conventions that happen around the country.
  • The Inbetweeners 2 has a clear British humour that would easily appeal to a British-lead audience. However British humour can also appeal to other audiences as well.
  • Suffragette - Being a historical British film it will more than likely only attract a British audience. It may mainly attract the females as it is about women going against the patriarchal society. This is different as most Hollywood Blockbusters contain action, explosions or romance, however this has none.
  • Attack the Block - This would attract the British audience because of its British humour, which people enjoy watching. It differs to blockbusters because it consists of 17 year old British lads being chased by Space Gorillas, which is not usually witnessed in a Blockbuster.
  • Macbeth - Written by Shakespeare, this film would attract a British audience because of its origin. Shakespeare was an iconic writer that many are fond of. Blockbusters are not commonly associated with developing playwrites into movies as they are old fashioned.
  • Far from the Madding Crowd -  This film is different to those of blockbusters because the romance involved is different to them. Blockbuster romances are often more serious, such as a woman falling for someone they cannot have.

Far from the Madding Crowd - Aficionados - $30.2 million at the Box Office.
Inbetweeners 2 - Mainstream - $63.8 million at the Box Office.
Macbeth - Aficionados - $5.2 million.
Attack the Block - Mainstream plus - $5.8 million.
Suffragette - Mainstream plus - $14.5 million.
Ex Machina - Film Buffs - $37 million at Box Office.

Why do we have a British Film Industry?
We have a BFI to add a variety of film genres to the film industry as a whole, as Hollywood Blockbusters are strongly action based. British films allow a break to the audience from the action films that dominate the cinemas. I also think we have a BFI to gain more money as the first 25% of any profit made in British films cannot be taxed if they claim tax relief from the Government.

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