Thursday, 24 September 2015

Self Representation

1. Use UK tribes to find the group or groups (there can be crossover) that you think you belong to. Why do you think this?

I would firstly categorise myself as a 'Sport's Junky' because of my love for dancing and horse riding. I have been doing these two hobbies from a very young age (around 5 years old) and although I have currently stopped dancing, I hope to pick it up again very soon. Not only have they built my confidence up immensely, but they are also a way to get out of my own head for a while if ever I am stressed, angry etc. They are my two most favourite things in the world and I hope to carry on with them for as long as possible.
Description: Sports Junkies are dedicated to sporting achievement and prepared to cut out friends and habits that stand in the way.

Being a sports junkie is probably the only tribe I would categorise myself into, and even that is not full on. There are other tribes that I suppose show elements of my personality and traits, but I would not fully categorise myself into them. For example a 'Towny' could be another tribe I show elements of as I'm a sucker for Saturday night TV; X factor, Saturday Night Takeaway, Britain's Got Talent, you get the gist.
Description: Townies are all about the high street fashion, pop music charts, Saturday night TV and a night on the town  

2. Do you consciously model (copy modes of dress, style yourself, act like) yourself on any media figures (actors, musicians etc)? Why is that?

I wouldn't say I model myself around any media figures specifically. However, the main shops that I buy my clothes from are Topshop, Newlook and Miss Selfridge. I try to keep 'in with the style' but ultimately I just throw on whatever matches that's in my wardrobe.

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